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DWI Lawyer in the LSU Area of Baton Rouge

Located in the southwest corner of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the Louisiana State University (LSU) area is a bustling hub of activity. Known for its vibrant community and rich culture, it is also a place where legal challenges can arise. One such issue is Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges. These situations can be overwhelming and stressful, requiring expert legal guidance and representation. Carl Barkemeyer, is a seasoned DWI defense attorney who focuses on DWI cases. With years of experience under his belt, Mr. Barkemeyer is dedicated to providing his clients in the LSU area and beyond with the professional, comprehensive legal services they need when facing these serious charges.

Administrative Hearing for Driver’s License

When you have a DWI arrest in the LSU area, the police officer may have asked you to submit to chemical testing, whether it be blood, urine, or breath. If you refuse any of these tests, the DMV will propose to suspend your license for at least one year. If you submit to the test(s) and your blood alcohol content exceeds the legal limit, you license could also get suspended.  There is no court date in your paperwork for this. Your attorney will have to request that the Administrative Hearing be scheduled. Most importantly, you only have 30 days from the date of arrest to request this hearing. Otherwise, you waive that right to a hearing and you can never have it.

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DWI Defined

In the state of Louisiana, as in most jurisdictions, a DWI conviction requires that the prosecution prove certain elements beyond a reasonable doubt. Firstly, the individual must have been operating a vehicle. However, operation goes beyond simply driving – even being in physical control of a vehicle while under the influence can qualify. This could mean sitting in the driver’s seat with the keys in the ignition, even if the car is not in motion.

Secondly, the individual must have been under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other controlled substances at the time of operation. In Louisiana, this typically translates to a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or more for adults, 0.02% for drivers under the age of 21, and 0.04% for commercial drivers.

Finally, the prosecution must demonstrate that the accused’s ability to drive was impaired due to the influence of the substance ingested. This can be ascertained through field sobriety tests, observations made by the arresting officer, and chemical tests.

Penalties for DWI

The City Prosecutor of Baton Rouge and the East Baton Rouge District Attorney take DWI offenses very seriously, and the penalties can be quite severe. These might include fines, imprisonment, suspension or revocation of driving privileges, and mandatory participation in substance abuse programs and driver improvement programs. The severity of these penalties tends to increase with each subsequent offense, reflecting the state’s commitment to curbing repeat offenses. For instance, a third DWI offense can is classified as a felony, carrying with it significant jail time and fines.

Defenses to DWI Charges

Despite the serious nature of DWI charges, there are defenses available, and a skilled attorney like Carl Barkemeyer can make a significant difference in the outcome of a case. Some of the defenses that can be employed include questioning the legality of the initial traffic stop, challenging the accuracy and reliability of the breathalyzer or other testing equipment used, and disputing whether the accused was indeed in “physical control” of the vehicle at the time of the alleged offense. Other defenses might center on proving that the accused was not, in fact, impaired or that their rights were violated in some way during the arrest and processing procedure.

DWI: Misdemeanor or Felony?

Whether DWI is considered a misdemeanor or felony charge depends on the number of prior convictions for DWI within 10 years prior to arrest. If the person charged with DWI has one or zero prior DWI convictions, not arrest(s), then the current charge would be a misdemeanor. Misdemeanor DWI includes a sentencing range of up to 6 months in parish jail. Mandatory time may also be included if it is a second offense and/or if the BAC level is .15 or above.

DWI third and fourth offense are felony charges. These charges carry very lengthy prison sentence ranges. DWI third offense carries 1-5 years in prison while DWI fourth offense carries a penalty of 10-30 years in prison.

LSU Student DWI Lawyer

When facing DWI charges in Baton Rouge, especially within the LSU area, Carl Barkemeyer is the criminal defense attorney that LSU students turn to. With an unwavering commitment to his clients and a deep understanding of Louisiana’s DWI laws, he offers comprehensive legal services for both Louisiana residents and out-of-state visitors alike.

Mr. Barkemeyer’s experience extends beyond DWI cases; he has significant experience handling drug possession and trafficking charges, which enables him to navigate complex cases with precision and expertise. His dedication to each client’s case is unparalleled, offering personalized advice and strategic defense approaches tailored to each unique situation.

With a track record of representing hundreds of LSU students facing a myriad of charges, both large and small, the firm has garnered a reputation for tenacity and excellence. His focus is on offering clients the best possible representation and outcomes for any criminal charges, including high-profile cases, DWI’s, drug charges, and more​. 

In the LSU area of Baton Rouge, and indeed throughout Louisiana, Carl Barkemeyer is the LSU DUI defense attorney to contact. His commitment to his clients, extensive experience in the field, and proven track record make him the ideal choice for those facing DWI charges. Reach out to the Mr. Barkemeyer today to start the journey towards resolving your legal challenges.

A DUI or DWI is a serious situation that requires immediate attention of a Baton Rouge DUI lawyer. Contact LSU Student DWI lawyer, Carl Barkemeyer at (225) 964-6720.


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