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Life in New Orleans, Louisiana, is quite calm and easy-going, generally, a person can successfully lead a peaceful and satisfactory life there. But at times, unexpected issues arise that can flip one`s entire world upside down. One such situation is when one faces a criminal court case or receives a court summon related to the case. Everyone’s first instinct in such situations is to panic. This reaction is very human but if such situations do arise, panicking should be the last thing on your mind as every second count. It would be extremely wise to contact a lawyer or law firm as soon as possible. This is because the more time wasted before contacting the lawyer, the greater the chances of unforeseen complications arising. A person becoming disheartened and terrified is normal in such cases (especially a first-time offender). But in such an overly emotional state, the person has an increased tendency of doing something which would serve to further complicate the matter. But as mentioned earlier, it would be more reasonable to simply get in touch with a well-known and adequately qualified criminal lawyer. Having them by your side in such situations would eventually pay off. Even if the case is not dropped, at least you will not make any mistake to further implicate yourself. Our legal team at Barkemeyer Law Firm located in the district of New Orleans are extremely willing to assist you when you find yourself in a difficult situation as a result of a court summon or criminal case.

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There are a variety of drug charges such as possession, distribution, possession with intent to distribute, drug trafficking and many more. Although they all fall under drug charges, they all contain their intricacies. Our lawyers at Barkemeyer Law Firm have handled most, if not all these charges and in a number of situations.

Marijuana is one of the many controlled dangerous substances listed in the state of Louisiana. In the state of Louisiana, controlled dangerous substances or CDS are subdivided into five categories. The categories are made based on the potential for abuse that a particular drug or substance has. 

Category 1 is comprised of some more common drugs like heroin and marijuana. Category 2 drugs include crack and cocaine. A class 4 drug is Xanax and steroids are class 5 drugs. In relation to marijuana, you could be charged for participating in its cultivation.

DUI for Driving High

Generally, if found with less than two and a half pounds of marijuana, then imprisonment with or without hard labor for a period not less than one year and not more than ten years is the sentence. With a fine of not more than fifty thousand dollars. While if one is found with more than two and a half pounds, imprisonment at hard labor for a period not less than one year and not more than twenty years with a fine, not more than fifty thousand dollars is the sentence. This sentence is also carried out in relation to hydrocannabinol or any of its derivatives.

In New Orleans, all drug-related charges, including marijuana charges, are handled very strictly. This is because, in the region and the entire state of Louisiana, drug charges are quite serious. This seriousness is often demonstrated by a sentence of equal measure. Do not subject yourself to such a severe sentence when help is simply a call away. No doubt you would want a law firm that is located in your region. Among a variety of options, Barkemeyer Law Firm has been defending his clients for thousands of court cases. Over the years we have experienced a lot of setbacks but we have also experienced a considerably greater degree of success to setbacks. Our CV at Barkemeyer Law Firm could be said to be the desire of quite a number of law firms. These setbacks have in the long run come to serve as a form of training to our lawyers. This way, we have discovered some ways that a criminal case should not be handled. Most importantly, we have discovered one of the most ideal approaches in handling various court cases that have various circumstances. For our marijuana lawyers New Orleans, they have over time, gotten used to the ins and the outs of the legal system in New Orleans. This way, they are aware of the most practical approach in handling your case.

Additionally, at Barkemeyer Law Firm, our New Orleans marijuana lawyers offer education on the constitutional rights to all of the clients. A lot of our clients appreciate this education because it gives them an idea of what to expect and how to respond in some situations. Equipping yourself with these laws and regulations will give you an idea of where you stand legally at all times. This way, you do not have to be bothered about anyone taking advantage of you or your situation legally.

We also offer the opportunity for our clients to undergo reform or counseling sessions. This is a way for the clients to better themselves without going to jail. If the court trial goes flawlessly, then jail time can be successfully avoided. But in order to give our clients the most optimal option, we keep a cordial relationship with the district attorney. This way, if the case against our client can be dropped after a discussion with the district attorney, we want to give our clients that option. But if not, at least a reduced sentence is not entirely out the question.

In any situation that may arise, you can be certain that our New Orleans marijuana attorneys at Barkemeyer Law Firm will keep doing our best to support you legally.


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