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When one is arrested for a charge like Possession of Firearm with drugs, it is a serious charge that needs a Possession of Firearm with drugs Lawyer in New Orleans to handle the issue. Immediately, you are arrested for an offense like that, it is advisable that you don’t utter any word to the Police without your Possession of Firearm with drugs Lawyer in Orleans like Barkemeyer Law Firm present. When you speak, you may end up intimidating yourself and uttering words that could leave you in a deeper pool of mess.

A Lot of People in New Orleans are Arrested for Possession of Firearm with Drugs

The truth is that a lot of people end up behind jail for a crime like this, even when they could have walked free. Why is this so? They spoke to the authorities, saying incriminating things without their Possession of Firearm with drugs lawyer in New Orleans around. The officers in Orleans know that most people tend to say things that can be used against them in the law court without thinking twice when their attorney isn’t around, but this isn’t the case when you have a Possession of Firearm with drugs Lawyer in Orleans nearby.

Yearly, a lot of people are charged with Possession of Firearm with drugs, and this may occur because there is a little amount of an illicit drug in their car, house or even on themselves.

This case is worsened when the person has been charged for an offense in the past. When you have been convicted for a crime in the past and this one pops up if you don’t have a Possession of Firearm with drugs lawyer in Orleans like Barkemeyer Law Firm that knows its onion backing you, you may end up in a big pile of mess.

These cases form a large part of what comes to the criminal court in Louisiana as dockets. This doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to fight off such charges and get a better result that will intrigue you.

The truth remains that defense of someone that has been charged with a crime like Possession of Firearm with drugs is hard, but it isn’t impossible. It is important that you run from a Possession of Firearm with drugs lawyer in New Orleans that says defending someone with such a charge is a walk in the Park. This will be an act of deception.

A way that has worked is by taking advantage of the fact that public employees are overworked. Let’s say, the evidence gotten from the crime, a gun, and drugs, was misplaced, there is a great chance that the charges may be dropped against you. What about cases of the overzealous officers making mistakes while conducting their investigations. We have come across those overzealous police officers that wanted to solve a case desperately to the extent that they went contrary to the law.

How Did They Get the Evidence?

According to both state and federal laws, evidence has to be collected within the realm of the law. Any evidence collected in an illegal manner can’t be used in court. This is the basic truth. If the evidence was gathered from your house, did they have a warrant? Why did they storm into your house? For a house to be searched, it is either a warrant was provided, or a probable and cogent cause was present. If neither of those was met, and you didn’t give them permission to search your home, whatever turns up may be considered illegal.

Dropping Unnecessary Charges

The way officers are overzealous is the same way that prosecutors are overzealous. Many of them want to climb up the ladder of success and do not mind how many people they jail to get there.

These prosecutors are overworked, and end up handling hundreds of cases monthly. Possession of Firearm with drugs charges is usually one of the least important cases to them. Prosecutors clamor to close other important cases that would give them the spotlight to climb up the ladder of success, and won’t mind ignoring the trivial ones.

At this moment, the defender can handle this with so much intensity, forming a myriad of depositions, doing document requests, and many other procedural busy work. This may end up wearing the prosecutor down to the extent that he may see the need to drop one or two of the unnecessary charges brought against you.

The result is either victory with every charge dropped or a greatly reduced sentence in the form of a plea bargain.

In Louisiana, if the prosecutor isn’t able to give materials while the discovery is ongoing, it could lead to dismissal of the charges. This may also backfire because the prosecutor may feel annoyed and decide to poke deeper into the case.

Depending on if this is the first crime or not, the diversion program is available. In this case, if someone is caught with a firearm and minute number of drugs, he may have to pay fines, undergo rehabilitation or do other things. If the obligations given by the court are carried out, then the charges may be dropped. This is an awesome deal because, in the end, you won’t have any conviction on your record.

Once someone is eligible for this program and gets involved, it is expected that the person keeps to his or her words and stay away from drugs.

If you fail to do this, you may end up in a bigger pool of mess, as well as the original criminal penalties.

Another way this may go is by the defendant denying that the substance found on him or she was indeed drugs. This leaves only the firearm possession charge. The prosecutors would need to run a drug test, get an expert witness to testify, and these all cost money, especially when it is a minute amount of drugs found on the scene.

When you arrested, get a Possession of Firearm with drugs lawyer in New Orleans from Barkemeyer Law Firm immediately to defend you. We will love to hear from you.

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