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Prostitution Lawyer in Shreveport

Prostitution Lawyer in Shreveport

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See here for an in-depth look at the various Louisiana prostitution charges.

Prostitution is illegal in every part of the country, but there is an exception to this rule in some parts of Nevada, though there are strict regulations.

Prostitution is an act of offering sexual acts for money or incentives of any kind. Many people feel that prostitution only involves money exchange for sex and not incentive exchange for sex.

If you are caught trying to offer sex for money, it is prostitution. Sometimes, law enforcement operatives go undercover to arrest those that offer sexual services. If you are caught at that moment, there is a great chance that prostitution charges will be brought against you.

Sometimes, law enforcement officers may go undercover, acting like prostitutes and offering their services for money. If you solicit their services, this is the crime of solicitation.

You can also be arrested for being a pimp, trying to broker a sexual act offered by another person for money from someone soliciting.

It doesn’t matter if the sexual act was committed or not before a prostitution charge can be brought against you. The fact that you consented to commit the act is enough. This is why you need a prostitution lawyer in Shreveport that knows his onion to handle your case.

Why do you think sting operations come out successful? If you are caught in a brothel, it doesn’t matter if you were seen in a sexual position or not, the fact that you were there means that you wanted to exchange money for sexual acts.  Your lawyer can create defenses or mitigate the case to minimize the impact on your criminal record.


Prostitution carries up to six months in jail. It is felony if you are a repeat offender or someone that has a criminal past. If, on the other hand, it is proven that you are into trafficking, you could spend up to five to ten years in a state prison.

Prostitution Lawyer in Shreveport: What Steps Should Take When Arrested?

If you’ve been arrested for prostitution, you need to do the following things:

When you have been arrested, you should not answer any questions that you may be asked by the police officer. They will try different means to get you talking and spilling the beans on yourself, ignore those attempts. They may say how they are interested in getting you off the hook. This should be taken with a pinch of salt. Many officers are interested in advancing their careers, and not getting you off the hook. They are more interested in climbing up the ladder by sealing more cases than helping prove your innocence. Ignore their words and ask to see your attorney. 

Do not behave in a bad manner to the officers. Do not yell at them. Do not threaten them. Do not say anything that will come off as disrespectful. Keep quiet and remain calm. Immediately you are arrested, you have the right to have an attorney present during interrogation. Under no condition should you interact or say anything to the officers when your attorney isn’t present. It may end in tears. Officers are trained in the art of manipulation. When you mention anything, they twist your words and use them against you.

Ensure that your attorney is always there when any discussion is made. Under no condition should you agree to talk to officers without your lawyer being present. It is paramount that your attorney is around when any lineup or testing procedure is being done. If they want to take your blood, ask that your attorney be present.

Ask that your lawyer handle the prosecutors and police. If they want to give you a type of deal, let your lawyer negotiate the terms. Do not do that yourself.

It is important that you let your loved ones that they are not under obligation to cooperate with the Police. They have the right to a lawyer being present when they are interrogated about your crimes.

Lawyer for Prostitution Summons in Shreveport

When you have been arrested or received a summons for prostitution, you need a defense lawyer that is familiar with prostitution laws and defenses in Shreveport to handle the issue. We will analyze every aspect of the case, the proof that the prosecution has against you, the way they used in getting the evidence and so on.

It is important to contact our prostitution lawyer in Shreveport that knows his onion that can represent you. Contact us now.

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