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LSD possession charges penalties Louisiana

LSD Possession Charges and Penalties Louisiana 

LSD Possession Charges And Penalties Can Be Harsh In Louisiana!

LSD or Acid is a common drug that is used at clubs and parties. Many young adults will use LSD due to its hallucinogenic effects. These effects can cause many different reactions. This drug is used in other countries in micro-doses. This is experimental to see if there are any benefits. However, we are going to be talking about different charges or penalties you may face if you have possession of the drug. 

What is LSD? 

As stated, LSD is also known as acid. It was founded in 1943 when a scientist accidentally consumed a small amount of the drug. He had been reporting a dream-like state. This led to many scientists and people around the world interacting with LSD. 

LSD has a ton of research. It is one of the most-researched psychedelics. It only takes a small dose to achieve the effects of the drug. Most people will take this drug orally. It can be placed directly into the mouth or on a blotter paper. 

Is There Medical Uses for LSD? 

There have been studies conducted to help better understand how LSD affects the brain. This is especially true for diseases like alcoholism, autism, and depression. It has been proven that suicide rates are lower in those that have used micro-dosing LSD options. Keep in mind that this is only done under the supervision of a doctor in certain areas. Do not attempt to do this yourself. 

Louisiana LSD possession charges
Louisiana LSD possession charges

Possession Penalties For LSD In Louisiana

LSD is a Schedule I drug. This means that in the United States there is no medical use available. Either that or there is not enough evidence to prove that it can be used medically in the United States. This means that it is a dangerous drug. It is a controlled substance that you should not have. 

Schedule I drugs are classified as marijuana-related charges and non-marijuana charges. LSD will fall under the non-marijuana charges. This means that you expect at least one year of prison if not up to ten. You may also receive a fine of up to five thousand dollars. In some instances, you may have prison and a fine. For this reason it’s crucial to hire a skilled team of attorneys or a law firm to help with any impending criminal charges. Hiring a drug charges lawyer like Barkemeyer Law Firm is truly your best bet. They are located in Louisiana and have several locations. Take a look at their firm overview page before you call them for more information on some of their practice areas.

Possession in Drug-Free Facilities/Areas

There are certain areas where you cannot have drugs under any circumstances. Areas include public places and schools. Schools are the biggest area where drugs are not allowed. However, wherever there are signs that state it is a drug-free zone, follow that sign. 

The maximum penalties are increased in these areas. This means that you may face up to fifteen years in prison and 7,500 dollars in fines. Other areas where you may find drug-free zones are at any public park, playground, college, daycare, and more. 

Second Offenses 

When you are charged with possession for the second time, you can expect the maximum penalties to double. This means you can face a fine of up to ten thousand dollars and prison for up to twenty years. Keep that in mind second offenses are considered repeaters. That is why the charges are doubled when it is the second offense. If you paid the first offense and served time, you can do it again but for longer because you did not learn your lesson. 

Distribution and Manufacturing 

Sometimes you may find that distribution and possession go hand-in-hand. If you are found with LSD in large quantities, they may assume you are dealing the drug. This could land you up to thirty years in prison. However, it will be no less than five years in prison. Plus, your find can be up to fifty thousand dollars. 

Talk to Your Attorney 

If you are convicted of possessing a controlled dangerous substance, you will want to contact an attorney. You will want to do this because if you are convicted it can ruin your life. Having a criminal record can ruin everything. Take the time to find a reputable criminal defense attorney who specializes in controlled dangerous substance crimes. 

Wrapping Up: LSD Possession Charges Penalties Louisiana

While you may think that getting a drug possession charge is no big deal, it is. You may have trouble getting loans, a house, and even a job. Renewing your license may not be as easy as it once was either. Take the time to gather all you can and get an attorney. An attorney is your best bet to not have a permanent dock on your record. 

You can learn more about hiring a criminal defense attorney by searching local attorneys in your area of Louisiana. Barkemeyer Law Firm is one of the best.

We hope you now know all about LSD possession charges penalties Louisiana and we wish you all the best.


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