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Methadone Possession Charges Penalties Louisiana

Methadone is a Schedule II drug. This class of drugs is known for having a high abuse potential. This abuse potential can cause physical dependencies as well as psychological dependencies. These drugs are sought out after a person tries them just one time. It is a drug that can take over a person’s life. Let us talk about some rules and penalties regarding methadone in Louisiana. 

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Schedule II Drugs 

As stated, these drugs can cause a person to have a dependency on them. This class includes both street and prescription drugs. If you are prescribed these medications, you should always take them as prescribed. You should never give them away or take more than prescribed. This can cause many issues for yourself and even your friend. 

What is Methadone?

Methadone is a man-made drug. It is a narcotic that was used in World War II. This drug was used in place of morphine because there was a shortage. It does have medical uses for pain relief. It also can be used to ease withdrawal symptoms of those who have an addiction to other narcotics. 

Abusing Methadone 

While there are many benefits to methadone, there are people who will abuse the effects of the drug. If you are not using methadone properly and are abusing it, it can cause serious problems. Your body may form a psychological dependence. This means that your brain thinks that you need this drug to keep living life. 

An example of abusing methadone can look like this. A doctor has prescribed an individual methadone to help them curve their appetite for another narcotic while they are in treatment. However, this person has decided to take more than prescribed by their doctor. This is where abuse of methadone can start. Once abuse has started, physical and psychological dependencies can form quickly. This makes it hard to stop using the drug. This is also why many people turn to methadone. 

Penalties For Methadone Charges In Louisiana

If you have two or less grams of methadone in your possession your penalty could mean up to two years in prison with a five thousand dollar fine. However, if you have more than two grams you can face up to five years in prison but no less than one year in prison. You will also receive a fine as well. From two to twenty-eight grams, you will have the above punishment. However, there are more penalties if you have more than twenty-eight grams of methadone. 

Intent to Distribute/Manufacturing 

Those who try to recreate the drug to sell will face a harsh charge. Just like those who have over twenty-eight grams of methadone. Those who have that amount of methadone can be charged with intent to distribute. This means that you can face up to thirty years in prison. It could include hard labor as well. However, be aware because you will be in prison for at least two years but no more than thirty. 

Fines will also find their way on the higher end if you have copious quantities of methadone. You can expect a fine of up to half a million dollars. That is quite the fine that you do not want to pay. 

Getting an Attorney For Methadone Charges

Nothing is worse than having a drug-related charge on your record. It can make life difficult. That is why you should try to find a drug charges lawyer, more specifically a methadone defense attorney that has experience dealing with controlled dangerous substance cases. Barkemeyer Law Firm is a criminal attorney of this caliber that can help you with drug related offenses such as methadone possession.

The attorney should know all the rules around controlled substances so that they can help you. 

It is important to find a lawyer with honest reviews and that is reputable. A good attorney will help you and get all the facts to determine the best route for you. 

Wrapping Up: Methadone Charges And Penalties Louisiana

Taking the time to understand what a drug is and what benefits it has is great. However, just because there are medical uses for a drug, does not mean that people use them as they are prescribed. Be sure that you are taking medication from the doctor as prescribed and are never sharing the drug. If you share the drug, you could be in trouble as well. This could be classified as distribution. Be safe and always take medications as prescribed. 


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