When Can Theft Charges be Dropped? 

If you are accused of theft, you may be wondering when can theft charges be dropped? We are going to go into detail about how the charges can be dropped, what instances, and when you should hire a criminal defense lawyer. Let us dive in and answer the question everyone is asking. 

Is It Possible To Have Theft Charges Dropped? If So When Does This Occur?

Most people are not sure when theft charges can be dropped. Generally, theft charges are going to be dropped at the first hearing or before it. 

Most people believe that if the person that is the victim wants to drop the case, the police will have to. However, this is not the case. The police and district attorney’s office will hear what the victim has to say and determine if they want to proceed with the case. If they decide that they do not want to proceed, the case can be dropped. 

Keep in mind that just because the DA and officers have taken a victim’s request, does not mean that they are required to drop the case. The severity of the case will determine what the DA and judge decide to do. 

Keep in mind that most of those who are victims of theft just want their items back. Either this or they want the value of stuff that was stolen back in cash. Plus, they want to make sure this person does not come back to this area.

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Theft Charges Can Get Dismissed

Dealing With Theft Charges? Things To Keep In Mind

If you’re dealing with theft charges and want the best chance of having your case turn out in your favor, here are a few things to keep in mind.

What You Should Not Do 

If you are being charged with theft and are not guilty, here are a few things that you should not do. Keep in mind that if you are charged with theft, this will follow you around for the remainder of your life. This is not what you want. Companies will not hire someone who has been charged with theft if they do not have to. 

Even if you are arrested and charged, you should not try to fix it. Not by yourself anyway. This can lead you in a deeper hole. 

If you are looking to keep things smooth, do not contact the victim. What you think is going to smooth over things is going to probably turn into something far worse. Suddenly something small turns into a possible felony. There are many felonies that can be attached to theft.

Save Yourself (What You Should Do)

The first thing you should do is just keep quiet. If you are arrested, do not talk. Whether you are charged with shoplifting, identity theft or bank fraud, this rings true and is always the way you should handle a theft charge.

In addition, it is important to keep your cool, especially if you did not do anything. Do not discuss the matters with anyone. Explaining it will dig you a deeper hole. No one needs to know what is going on except you. This is especially where you do not want to contact the victim.

Now you need to get a theft charges lawyer. This is the only person you should discuss your information with. You want to also get all your facts straight. Make sure that the story you have makes sense and is in order. You will want to make sure all emails, texts, writings, or contracts are found. Your lawyer will help you.

Contacting a Lawyer 

Your lawyer is going to be the person that can help you get out of a theft charge if you are not guilty. They are going to get all information gathered to prove your innocence. Taking the time to hire the right lawyer is going to benefit you. 

There are lawyers that specialize in theft (theft lawyers and many criminal defense attorneys). These are the lawyers that you should go for. They are going to help you the best out of anyone. 

Keeping to Yourself 

This is the biggest thing that we can tell you. If you are charged with theft, do not discuss this matter with anyone around you. The only person you should discuss the topic with is your lawyer. That is why you need a lawyer. 

When Can Theft Charges Be Dropped?

If you are convicted of a theft crime, take the time to get a lawyer. A lawyer is going to be the best thing you can do if you are looking to find a way to have your theft charges dropped. Taking the time to find a good lawyer is your best bet. Keep everything that has happened between you and your lawyer. 

The Barkemeyer Law Firm is a reputable criminal defense law firm in Louisiana. If you are facing a theft charge that seems hopeless, Carl Barkemeyer and his team have a combined 100 years of experiencing defending individuals wrongfully accused of theft and a variety of other charges too. You can contact him to explain your theft charges and he will develop a reasonable strategy for your defense.

Having people know or think they know the story is going to cause drama and stress. Simply state your story and what happened with your lawyer. Take the time to know what you are facing and what the process is going to entail. Talking to your lawyer will allow you to know when can theft charges be dropped.


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