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how to get your drug trafficking charges dismissed

Do Drug Charges Ever Get Dropped?

If you have found yourself with drug charges on your record, you may wonder if drug charges ever get dropped in Louisiana. While it is not the easiest to have drug charges dropped, it is possible if you hire a good drug defense attorney. They will have the necessary skills and experience to help you get charges dropped easily and quickly. 

If you are ready to learn how to get your drug charges dropped, grab a cup of tea, sit down, and let’s get started! 

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Is It Possible To Get Your Drug Charges Dropped?

Yes, it is quite possible to drop your drug charges, though it will depend on several things. These things include whether you have ever had prior drug charges, if you have a criminal record, your rights were violated, or if the officer did not have probable cause to search or arrest you. 

However, the only way to get drug charges dropped is by hiring a great drug defense lawyer, as they can help you find any possible angle to get your charges dropped or reduced. If you do not hire a lawyer, you are better off just pleading guilty and taking whatever charges you are charged with. 

Do You Have Prior Drug Charges?

If you have already had drug charges brought up against you in the past, it will make it harder to drop your drug charges. While it can be a lot easier to have the charges dropped if it is your first time, or at very least have your sentence reduced, if you can be shown to be a frequent abuser, it is unlikely that your drug charges will be dropped.

Your Criminal Record

Another important factor in whether or not you can have your drug charges dropped is if you have a criminal record. If you do not have a criminal record and can prove this is your first time experimenting with drugs, it is possible to get your charges dropped or reduced. However, if you have a criminal record, it is much more difficult to get the charges reduced, let alone dropped. 

how to get your drug trafficking charges dismissed
how to get drug trafficking charges dismissed

Tips for Getting Your Drug Charges Dropped

You Need to Prove Your Rights Were Violated

When trying to have drug charges dropped, one of the first things you and your defense attorney should attempt to do is prove your rights were violated. There are several ways you can try to prove your rights violated, including:

  • Not having your Miranda Rights read to you;
  • An attorney was not allowed to be present;
  • You were not told about the consequences of speaking;
  • Being questioned after asking for an attorney;
  • Being questioned after invoking your right to remain silent;
  • Treated differently from others because of race, religion, sexuality, gender, or any other discriminatory act; 

Prove That The Police Abused Their Power Against You

Another way to have your drug charges dropped is by proving that the police abused their power when arresting you. There are many ways an abuse of police power can happen, but here are some of the most common. 

  • The officer used excessive force against you.
  • You were arrested without a warrant. 
  • There was not sufficient evidence to condone a search.
  • They forced you to perform sexual acts with them or accepted a bribe not to press charges. 
  • An officer violated your rights when arresting, searching, or imprisoning you. 

There Was No Probable Cause 

When it comes to officers making arrests, there must be probable cause when they make one. If you can prove there was no probable cause when being arrested, you can get the charges dropped against you. It will take a lot of research, and you will need to hire a good drug defense attorney. 

The Stop and Search Was Illegal

A very probable way to get your drug charges dropped is if you can prove that the stop and search done by the arresting officer was illegal. Once again, you will need to hire a great drug defense lawyer if you want to prove this. If you can prove it, your charges will get dropped, and you can avoid being fined or seeing the inside of a jail cell. 

Find Out If Any Evidence From Your Arrest Was Lost

While this is rare, there are times when a police officer loses evidence for one reason or another. If this is the case with your charges, you are lucky indeed, as it is highly likely the case will be thrown out of court. An attorney will be required, though, so they can attempt to find any lost evidence from your case. 

Prove There Is Not Sufficient Evidence To Charge You With Drug Charges

Just like proving there was lost evidence in your case, another way to get your drug charges dropped is by proving there was insufficient evidence, to begin with. Without sufficient evidence, you can not be charged with a drug-related crime. Get a good drug defense lawyer to help you out with this, as otherwise, it is unlikely you can prove this on your own. 

Key Witnesses Are Unavailable To Testify Against You

If key witnesses for your trial are not available to testify against you, then your drug charges will likely be dropped. There has to be sufficient evidence and witnesses to charge you with anything legally. 

Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer To Help In Your Case

One of the most important things you can do when attempting to get cases overturned is to hire a criminal attorney or drug defense lawyer. Their entire job is to find out the best ways to help you get your charges dropped, and it will be almost impossible to do without one. You will need to make sure that you find a law firm that specializes in drug charges, as not every firm does. 

Conclusion: Do Drug Charges Every Get Dropped?

Getting any type of charge dropped can be difficult if you try to do it on your own, but hiring a good drug defense lawyer is quite doable. Always make sure you have a lawyer present when being questioned and have them help you find anything that can get your drug charges dropped.

If you need a law firm that specializes in drug charges with excellent results, choose Barkemeyer Law Firm. Barkemeyer Law Firm can give you the best outcome for any drug charges you may be facing and can help you answer the question do drug charges ever get dropped with a YES!


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