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Theft Lawyer in Baton Rouge

Theft Charges in Baton Rouge Explained

Arrested for Theft in Baton Rouge

If you have been arrested for theft in Baton Rouge or the surrounding area, you probably have some serious concerns. Theft charges are not minor charges. Judges will throw you in prison in a second if the case is not handled properly. But, we know how to help our clients stay protected and get the best results.  Our theft defense lawyers have helped clients who have been arrested for theft in the Baton Rouge area for over 18 years. We defend clients with felony theft and misdemeanor theft in East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Livingston, Ascension, Tangipahoa, St. Tammany, and everywhere else in Louisiana.

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Theft charges happen in many forms. More importantly, theft cases can be highly fact-intensive which requires a skilled attorney with a wide range of knowledge to effectively defend a client. The following are only some of the types of cases for which Mr. Barkemeyer provides representation:

What is Theft?

Theft is the misappropriation or taking of anything of value which belongs to another, either without the consent of the other to the misappropriation or taking, or by means of fraudulent conduct, practices, or representations. An intent to deprive the other permanently of whatever may be the subject of the misappropriation or taking is essential.

Where is Court for Theft in Baton Rouge?

Theft is a Louisiana state law. The state law has misdemeanor theft and felony theft grade.  If you have court at the 19th Judicial Court in East Baton Rouge Parish, then you are being charged under the state theft laws. The courthouse is located at 300 North Blvd in Baton Rouge.

However, the City of Baton Rouge can also bring a theft charge against you through the City Prosecutor’s Office. You would have court at the Baton Rouge City Court located at 233 St. Louis Street in downtown Baton Rouge. If you have court in City Court, your charge would be a misdemeanor theft under the municipal laws of Baton Rouge.

Why You Need a Lawyer For a Theft Charge in Baton Rouge

There are many reasons why you might need a theft defense lawyer in Baton Rouge. The crime of theft encompasses a variety of actions ranging from shoplifting to felony theft. Even though the state does not make a formal charge for shoplifting, you may receive a summons that states that you were arrested for theft. Theft is defined as the misappropriation of something of value, regardless of whether the act is legitimate or not.

So, if you get a summons from Walmart or Target, you should know that you now have a theft “arrest” on your record. The only way to get that theft arrest entry off your permanent criminal record is to get the case handled a certain way in court. Do not just go to court and plead guilty to theft. You’ll could be stuck with it on your record with no hope of removing it.

I realize that you may have received the theft charge because money is tight. But, you must look into the future and realize how bad things could get if you are sentenced to prison or end up with a theft on your record indefinitely. You need to find the money to hire a lawyer to help you get through this so you can minimize the damage to your entire future.

Felony Theft in Baton Rouge

If you have been arrested for felony theft in Baton Rouge, you should get a lawyer to help you start developing a strategy immediately. While the penalties may vary depending on the value of the property, the state of Louisiana has extremely harsh laws for theft. Penalties can range from fines up to imprisonment for up to five years. If the value of the property is $1000 or more, you could face imprisonment for as long as five years for felony theft. If you are charged with felony theft, it is essential to hire a theft defense attorney to help you get the best outcome.

Expungement for Theft

Expungement for theft arrests and summons in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is possible. It all depends on how the case is resolved. Besides trying to keep you out of prison, protecting your criminal record is our primary goal in defending you for theft.

The process for getting an expungement for theft arrest in Baton Rouge is not straightforward. You must meet all requirements before your case can be expunged.

In order to qualify for an expungement for a theft arrest in Baton Rouge, you must show that you your case was resolved in a dismissal, 893 or 894, or the time period has expired. An arrest will remain on your record unless you were convicted of a different crime. If your conviction is a misdemeanor, you must seek a Baton Rouge theft attorney to help you. A theft attorney will provide you with the necessary support to make the expungement process successful.

Expungement for theft arrest in Baton Rouge can remove the stigma associated with theft charges. It is a way to get rid of the record and move on with your life. The new laws make expungement for theft arrest more accessible to people in Louisiana. Expungement for theft arrest in Louisiana can also remove the conviction if you pled guilty to the charge or completed the sentence.

If you have been arrested for theft, one of the first steps you should take is to hire a lawyer. These attorneys will fight for your rights. If you have been arrested for theft, you may have to explain your charge to a future employer. A criminal record can have an impact on your life and make it difficult to get a good job.

You should also understand the time frame that Louisiana requires before you can receive an expungement order. If you are eligible, you can file an expungement motion to the Louisiana State Police, and it takes up to a year before the State Police will mail the certificate of compliance. Expungement will remove your arrest from your criminal history and allow you to deny being arrested. For the sake of your future, it is essential that you work with an attorney to ensure you are fully protected.

Misdemeanor Theft

Shoplifting is a misdemeanor theft and is punishable by a fine between $100 and $500, plus court costs and attorney fees. The parents or guardians of a minor may also be liable for the theft. Hiring a lawyer for theft arrest in Louisiana is an essential first step. A defense attorney can help reduce the charges or get them dismissed altogether.

Penalties for Theft in Baton Rouge

While a theft arrest may seem relatively minor, the penalties can be extremely serious. The more valuable the property is, the worse the penalties will be. Each state has different thresholds for theft and penalties, but in Louisiana, a theft arrest can result in imprisonment for many years. Listed below are some of the more common penalties for theft:

The dollar value of the property that was stolen will determine the punishment. If the property is valued at under a thousand dollars, the theft will be considered a misdemeanor and the offender may face a fine of up to $1,000. However, if the property is valued at $5,000 or more, the offender may face a sentence of ten years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

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In addition to the above, a person can be convicted of shoplifting if they take someone else’s goods. In Baton Rouge, a shoplifting arrest is usually a misdemeanor. In addition, stealing a vehicle is a felony, regardless of the value of the item. However, even a simple shoplifting conviction can result in a prison sentence, so it’s best to hire a Baton Rouge theft defense lawyer immediately to protect your rights.

As part of the penalties for theft arrest, the offender must pay restitution to the victims of the crime. In addition to restitution, the court can impose a payment plan that suits the person’s financial capacity. The court may also order restitution for any financial losses the offender sustained as a result of his actions. These costs include the cost of repairing the victim’s credit, attorney’s fees, and lost wages.

If you’ve been arrested for stealing someone’s property, you’ll need an experienced Baton Rouge theft attorney to help you fight the charges against you. Contact the Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney to discuss your case. He has been successfully defending theft charges in Baton Rouge, Ascension, and Livingston for clients for over 18 years.

Contact our Baton Rouge theft lawyer at 225-964-6720 immediately for representation.


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