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Cocaine Charges Lawyer New Orleans

Cocaine Charges Lawyer New Orleans Louisiana

Do you need a cocaine charges lawyer in New Orleans, Louisiana?  Cocaine is generally classified under controlled dangerous substance (CDS). In New Orleans, Louisiana, life is awesome and relatively calm. All in all, a wonderful place to live. But a run-in of any kind with the legal system can put one on the edge. When cocaine or any drug is the cause of this controversy, then all of a sudden, a person’s life can begin to seem quite bleak. One becomes distraught and scared and might end up doing something to make the matter worse than it should have been initially. It is a very human reaction to be scared in such situations. Nevertheless, it would be a very wise course of action to have a reputable and trustworthy criminal attorney by your side when such situations arise. Our team of lawyers in New Orleans are more than ready to come to your aid when you find yourself in an unfortunate confrontation with the legal system.

At Barkemeyer Law Firm, we have a team of tried and time-tested criminal attorneys who have weathered the storms of criminal cases of every kind. Our cocaine and drug charge lawyers in Orleans Parish have gained a significant amount of successes in handling various cases dealing with drug possessiondistribution and more. Although there has been some occasional set back in the past, they have simply served to further educate our team of lawyers on what approach would yield the best result and what approach would not. Depending on the case and its surrounding circumstances.

We’ve Successfully Represented Thousands Charged With Cocaine Possession And Distribution

Over the years, our criminal lawyers at Barkemeyer Law Firm have successfully represented clients in thousands of cases concerning various degrees of criminal and drug charges throughout the state of Louisiana including New Orleans. We work with the sole aim of getting as much advantage as possible for our clients. In Louisiana, any drug-related charge is of serious importance and carries immense implications. New Orleans is not any different. If drug charges are not handled prudently by a qualified lawyer, the defendant might end up further implicating himself or herself.

The need for an outstanding criminal law service becomes even more apparent when litigation is involved as this could completely disorient a person. A lawyer or law service that is close to you would no doubt be the most ideal option. For those staying in Orleans Parish, Barkemeyer Law Firm is one of the most appropriate options available to you. All our lawyers have the necessary qualifications, necessary experience, and much-needed connections to ensure that we pull out all the stops and put our very best effort in getting a result that would favor our client.  Drug charges of all sort, from drug possession to distribution, to possession with intent to distribute are closely and intricately linked but they are also very unique in their way. It would take a very experienced and capable lawyer to determine the most appropriate approach for whichever one of them arises. The lawyer should also be prepared for whatever variable arises with the charge. Our cocaine lawyers Orleans Parish are armed with all these necessary knowledge and qualifications.

cocaine charge drug possession attorney New Orleans
cocaine possession lawyer New Orleans LA

Best Attorney For Cocaine Possession Charges In New Orleans LA

Barkemeyer Law Firm of New Orleans is the best criminal defense attorney to handle cocaine charges of any type. If you are facing criminal possession of cocaine or any other substance, you can be sure that our team of attorneys can handle your drug possession charges with ease. When you hire Barkemeyer Law Firm, you can be sure that you will get the best outcome for any drug charges you may be facing. Speak to one of our attorneys today and put your trust in Barkemeyer Law Firm.

More Information On Cocaine Charges In New Orleans

Although there is no specific ban against cocaine itself, as mentioned earlier cocaine is a controlled dangerous substance or CDS for short. In the state of Louisiana, controlled dangerous substances are subdivided into five levels or classes. This classification is made after taking into consideration the potential for abuse associated with a particular drug.  

Class 1 is comprised of drugs like heroin and marijuana. Class 2 drugs include crack and our drug of interest, cocaine. A class 4 drug is Xanax and steroids are class 5 drugs. This classification is applicable to the state of Louisiana. Trafficking or sale of these highly controlled drugs could also lead to a court case.

Possession of cocaine is a charge which can be levied against the defendant when he or she knowingly came into possession of the controlled dangerous substance (cocaine) without a valid prescription. If physically found on the defendant, it is referred to as actual possession. While when not physically found on the defendant but he or she still possesses ownership and control of the drug, it is referred to as constructive possession. An example of constructive possession is when the drug is found in the glove compartment or trunk of the defendant` vehicle.

Distribution, on the other hand, is when the defendant without any authority to prescribe or administer, gives the drugs (cocaine) to another individual.

But possession with intent to distribute is a more serious charge compared to the previous two. This is a charge implying that the defendant was in possession of the drug to distribute or sell to others. This also carries a more severe sentence compared to possession and distribution.

Barkemeyer Law Firm – Cocaine Lawyer New Orleans

At Barkemeyer Law Firm, we also offer additional benefits to our clients facing drug charges in New Orleans. One additional benefit is that allows you to get acquainted with the constitutional rights available to you and educate you on how to use them when appropriate. Before going into the courtroom to stand trial for any drug-related case, it would be wise to have certain laws and regulations at your fingertips. This way, you do not have to be worried about anyone taking advantage of you legally.

Also, in addition to our impressive success rate, our criminal attorneys at Barkemeyer Law Firm, strive to maintain an “in” relationship with the district attorney. This way, we could occasionally put in an effort to seeing if a discussion would be enough to resolve your case. In the best-case scenario, the case might be dropped or the sentence reduced.

Additionally, we also endeavor to offer treatment and counseling sessions for our clients. This way, we might even be able to prove to the court that jail is not the response to the particular case.

So, even if it might be inevitable to feel scared and insecure while facing a criminal court case, the one thing you can be certain of is that at Barkemeyer Law Firm, our criminal defense attorneys have your back at all times.

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